The myPatientSpace platform has been successfully used in real-world studies led by clinician researchers.

Menopause After Cancer

A research trial conducted on our platform.

Clinical Trial – published paper

Sleep Apnea

Integrated, Remote Managed-Care Service on myPatientSpace platform

OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)

Published research paper on OSA with myPatientSpace 


Virtual Wards

This is a virtual ward monitoring respiratory rate and other vitals for a cohort of COPD patients, in Letterkenney, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Community Virtual Ward – COPD


Chronic Kidney Disease/Nephrology 

From St.James’ Hospital, Dublin, Ireland


Digital Transformation in the Outpatient Nephrology Service at St James’ Hospital 


Orthopaedics (TKR and THR)

At multiple hospitals across Ireland, Israel, UAE and Latin America



If you are interested in learning more about these, or wish to work with myPatientSpace to conduct a study for any other disease area or pathways, please contact us at

Coming Soon

A few other studies are currently still in progress, for which the reports will be published in the coming months:

Chronic Pancreatitis

Smart CP


Medical Oncology

At Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Severe Asthma