MPS’s goal is continuously meet and surpass its Customers requirements by providing its Customers with quality, innovative and effective healthcare software products and services that we can be proud of.


The Quality Policy applies to all individuals, sites, associated organisations, products, procedures and record keeping related to myPatientSpace (mPS).


MPS is driven by passion and commitment to deliver secure, effective healthcare software products to meet its Customers requirements whilst striving to deliver superior healthcare and medical user experience and the highest possible levels of performance, design, reliability and Quality.

mPS, its Management and Staff achieve this through a culture of personal and business accountability, by:-

Setting and complying with Quality objectives through establishing a Quality Management System and cascading the requirement for Quality throughout the organisation;

Continually improving the Quality Management System and measuring effectiveness through active engagement with staff, customers, suppliers and stakeholders;

Following approved business processes and procedures;

Meeting, and striving to exceed, international regulatory requirements and guidelines;

Advancing technical delivery capabilities and scientific understanding of medical/healthcare conditions of interest to the organisation through data and gathering of real-world-evidence to support improved outcomes for patients;

Ensuring, through training, instruction and examples, that each employee has the correct understanding of their role within each function and its direct relevance to the final product quality.


Management shall ensure that the Quality Policy is appropriate to the aims and aspirations of the organisation and is understood, implemented, and maintained at all levels of the organisation.